Art director.   professional thinker.    board game enthusiast. 

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I'm from a big city in England that has the perfect amount of late night curry shops. I've lived in Orlando, Nashville, Bowling Green KY and now Austin, and I love them all equally for different reasons. 

I've worked on national brands, like Snickers and Jack Daniel's, and mom and pops, like those cool cats down at Brookfield Residential. I love starting with a nugget of an idea, spending hours staring at the ceiling until one of us in our sleep deprived stupor shouts in defeat, "Ugh, why can't we just do ______!" And then realizing, why don't we do that?

In my free time, I enjoy painting, beating everyone at Mario Kart, and trying to come up with ridiculous board games ("Don't Wake Daddy," I'm looking at you).

As a general rule, it's Bill Murray or bust, and when in Texas heat, always park under the biggest tree. Let's chat!


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I'm always ready for creative conversations. If you feel so inclined, drop me a line to the right and we can nerd out together. 


You can also download my CV here.

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